March 1, 2016:

“Everything I’ve learned has been from a very small group of self-taught inmates. My arguments have improved over time, but the judges, so far, have refused to follow precedent and have denied every claim. I’ve been moved from an institution with MS Word to an institution in the Stone Age, forced to use typewriters but not allowed white-out or carbon paper. I have to literally cut (with scissors) and paste (with tape) if I want to re-arrange my briefs or re-type from scratch. And the library is closed all weekend, too. And now they’ve run out of typewriter ribbons. No one knows for how long.”

May 21, 2016:

“I was moved to a double cell where the pillows and mattresses had holes in them that leaked material everywhere. I was put on a waiting list for new ones.¬†After 13 months of wear and tear my pillow started to leak a material that would get into my eyes. This caused 2 massive eye infections needing to be treated with antibiotics. Month 17 the DOC finally replaced my pillows and mattresses after an old school jailhouse lawyer organized us to file complaints….. I became a jailhouse lawyer to defend my constitutional rights because Wisconsin DOC are very corrupt. They are so corrupt I was told that pillows are a privilege to have, not a right afforded to inmates. It was out of necessity that I had to learn law to defend myself against a corrupt DOC that fails to follow their own policies and procedures.”