January 1, 2016:

“I am currently incarcerated as a pre-trial detainee in the Holmsburg section of Northeast Philadelphia. I have been locked up as a product of my inability to pay an exorbitant ransom. My charges stem from an incident where I used force against another person in the protection of my property. Over the course of my time here I have experienced many injustices. These issues range from poor conditions to violations of civil rights both in the jail and at court. When I considered all these problems in light of my newfound legal abilities, and knowledge, I decided to do something. This lead to my position in the jail today, which consists of me teaching inmates their legal rights, drafting petitions and motions to the courts for myself and others, attempting to improve the prison law library by replacing obsolete materials with modern ones, and distributing┬álegal information to inmates in need. I also write to various groups to bring these issues to the forefront of our politics, and to rally support from outside the jail. I believe that without support from people on the outside of the walls, that my job here at the jail will be so much harder.”