November 10, 2016:

“There are only 4 computers inmates can use for legal research, and 4 they can use for word processing – totaling 8 computers. These 8 computers serve 2600 inmates, and ODRC refuses to purchase new law books because they subscribe to Lexus Nexus used on those 4 legal research computers. Inmates receive only about 7-8 hours a week in the law library here. I would say this is less than adequate.”

November 8, 2016:

“I am a lifer who has been pro se learning and working the legal system since 1983 as a jailhouse lawyer. The most amazing thing that I have experienced and learned over the years is, first, how hostile the justice system is toward anyone convicted and sentenced to prison. Next, and most importantly, is the unity, brotherhood, and unchecked power wielded by the people who work the justice system beginning with the police up to an including the federal court system.”

September 29, 2016:

“Here in prison, I’ve seen staff violate policy, more often then inmates, and even though we have a set of procedures in place for grievances, they’re ineffective. They’ve been intimidated nearly out of existence. When a grievance is filed, staff retaliates in devious and creative ways – from shakedowns to theft of personal property, to undeserved disciplinary actions, to knowingly and willfully putting inmates safety in jeopardy. Staff successfully makes any inmate who files a grievance to appear to be a troublemaker in the eyes of others inmates by employing group punishment. Once the inmate has been ostracized by the other inmates, staff begins using threats to deter the inmate from pursuing the grievance further. An inmate with more resilience, who poses more of a threat, finds himself in SHU., unable to obtain the proper paperwork or to respond on time, causing grievances to fall apart. Learned hopelessness is a response to environments like this, and most inmates become like sheep, blindly following whatever arbitrary rules follow the ever-changing whims of the staff. Some of us, though, never learn to be helpless, never learn to blindly follow what we know to be wrong.”

August 15, 2016:

“There’s ongoing systemic abuse that goes on, guys are wrongfully pepper sprayed and not decontaminated, COs falsify use of force reports and supervising officers are rubber stamping use of force reports as if the force used was legitimate, nurses falsify medical exams – reports stating they pulled a guy out of the cell to be examined when in fact it never occurred; so I try to make it a hobby and out of necessity to learn the law for myself and for the sake of others. My experience participating in legal work behind bars is it gives me a sense of urgency and purpose and I love to help for the good of myself and others.”