New York

November 7, 2016

“Participating in legal work and advocacy behind bars is difficult, and often an uphill battle. Grievances of prison issues are often denied no matter how much merit there is. One of the most important things to do in coping with grievance obstacles is to keep a copy of every grievance and appeal that is filed, and the date they were filed; also having complete knowledge of grievance procedures. Doing these two things allows you to combat the most common practices of administration with a grievance: 1) No response/claim it wasn’t received. 2) Late decisions on grievance or appeal. Keeping copies of your grievance/appeal allows you to show proof of attempted to exhaust your remedies, and often that is enough to comb a motion to dismiss your civil suit du to failure to exhaust.”

May 29, 2016

“Practicing the law is one way I am able to make meaningful use of my time in prison. Not only have I been able to help others challenge unjust convictions and unduly harsh prison conditions, I have helped to advocate for change from within the system. Some of my most satisfying work has been helping guys reunite with their children through visitation proceedings and the expungement of questionable orders of protections. Spending 23 (and counting) years behind bars could have been a colossal waste of my life. Instead, I can look back and see the good I have done, the justice I have found for others, and the lives I have changed. My own included.”