New Mexico

November 10, 2016

“I have noticed that when us convicts file a S1983 and win by damages money and what ever, the problem only stays fixed for a couple weeks and it’s the same admin and officers that go right back to committing the same crimes even more so. So no money comes from their wallet and its the tax payers of the state that pay for their repeated crimes. So now with my 1983 and and any I help file for my brothers I not only ask for money damages but also as part of the judgment on their 2nd finding of guilt in federal court I want their career pulled with criminal charges. I’ve had it with all of their BS.”

July 1, 2016

“3 years ago I got a hold of the NM state law books. I fell in love with the law. Especially reading the US constitution has helped in my constant struggle to stand up for my rights in prison. While a pretrial detainee I fought the prison officials with law and policy, including the PLRA. It has been hard, but well worth it. I even helped a female pod fight injustices of their illegal confinement conditions. I’ve even started other prisoners to look at the Constitution and state laws and fight post conviction habeas corpus. “