November 7, 2016

“I am incarcerated in a max security prison which makes it very difficult to do legal work because we have to use a satellite law library where we must submit a request for forms and case law which we may or may not receive in a reasonable amount of time. Ive done a lot of civil rights claims over the past 20 years because the NV prison system has so many constitutional violations and most inmates have no knowledge of law or how to challenge issues; therefore I am constantly trying to assist as many other prisoners as I can. However, in doing so I am constantly retaliated against by staff or the administration but I refuse to give up on my rights no matter how much they retaliate against me.”

September 24, 2016

“We need help when it comes to available resources. The grievance process is broken in NV and the access to our law library is limited, as well as outdated. It makes it harder to fight the legal system and the injustice that is put upon so many. People state to fight criminal cases or use the grievance process, but we get back excuses or no response at all in a timely manner which makes the process null and void. The law library has outdated materials and laws, we get excuses that the computers and print are down, that case laws aren’t available, or even they are out of paper. The more excuses I hear from officials the more my passion burns to learn the law, and help change the prison system, and get updated materials individuals like need. I love to help others and the joy I get when they progress or win the grievance process we’ve started together. But we need others to help get public attention in order to change the injustice that is going on behind the prison walls.”