October 3, 2016:

“The grievance process here is very frustrating. We have to ask the CO for a request form. The CO then asks us why. By their discretion they choose whether it’s a grievable offense or not. I have been told up to 20 times, on 20 different offenses, that this isn’t a grievable offense. I have tried to get and file a grievance for medical neglect. I am always turned down. I have made copies of request forms and even tried to have the COs sign my copies for proof. Both times the CO destroyed my copies and just laughed at me. As for a law library, we have none that we are allowed to use. All we have is some case files on a computer. We can only look up cases that have already been through court. In the MO Constitution it states that we have a right to file grievances against any state or federal facility. But how do we file grievances without a grievance process? So far, I’m just confused.”

May 11, 2016:

“I’ve been housed in Ad. Seg for more than four hundred and fifty days with little to no excuse given by prison administration. It is my belief since they also refuse me my legal books, it’s due in part to my accessing the grievance process. That, and my victim has relatives employed on both custody and classification sides of the MO Dept. of Corrections. It is Hell attempting to participate in legal work while incarcerated. I have been: assaulted by guards, threatened, coerced, thrown into strip cells, mail denied, mail destoried, frivolous conduct violations, to just list a few.”

May 3, 2016

“There is nothing more pleasurable than watching someone walk out the front door of these human warehouses, knowing you had helped him in some small way. Or even watch the smile on someone’s face when he succeeds in a grievance you helped him file.

I have been incarcerated since 1981 and will never released from custody, due to my Capitol Murder conviction. I am self-educated and was a teacher’s assistant in the truncated paralegal course they used to have at the old MO State Pen. I have been involved in several major litigations that have brought some changes to the MO prison system. Although the PLRA has drastically curtailed most of those changes.”

January 1, 2016:

“As a member of the NLG, it is my hope to be able to network with other NLG members for information, advice, and perhaps even an outside voice. Often times a simple letter from a convict coupled with a few well placed phone calls and/or emails can change an outcome without lengthy litigation.”