September 6, 2016:

The computerized law library in GA is excellent. Everything is on the computer now. Everything! Shepard’s Citations, Criminal Law Deskbook, Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, and many laws and constitutions. What lacks in GA are people who can teach inmates how to use Natural Language and Boolean Search methods. The law library jobs here are popularity contexts as opposed to a search for a qualified law clerk who can help and teach you the real world of legal research.”

January 10, 2016:

“I have been incarcerated for 2 and a half decades for protecting my mother, who passed away in 2009. I’m currently in the Tier II Program (controlled housing unit) sensory deprivation cell (because I helped too many prisoners file grievances). Which is a isolation cell that has been stripped sown to where I cannot flush the toilet, nor can I turn off the light. They even took the stainless steal mirror off the wall so that even the sight of my own face is denied. Then they stripped me down to the basic necessities. The only legal papers I could keep were active cases, 20 personal letters (provided they fit into one 10×13 legal envelope), no personal effects, not even a picture of my mother. If that’s not bad enough, I am locked in this cell (which is designed for one person) twenty four hours a day with another prisoner. We are forced to eat our meals and smell each others urine and excrement in the toilet and sometimes it takes 2 hours just to get the guards to push the button – we have to BEG them to do their job. The Tier II program is psychological torture that takes the form of physical pain, in a host of health programs, and serious medical conditions from long-term sensory deprivation.  As a prisoner I don’t have many rights and the GDC is trying to take even more from the little that prisoners have. I made a vow to do everything I can to stop injustice and illegal treatment of prisoners every opportunity I get.”