July 20, 2016:

“Preparing legal research here is incredibly difficult by design. There aren’t enough seats in the law library for everyone who wants to go and there are numerous rules preventing inmates from making copies of their research, drafts, or legal papers like transcripts. So if your only copy of a document gets lost or damaged there is nothing you can do. Copies can only be made if they are to be sent out to a court or attorney”.

May 3, 2016:

“Membership is important, as an institutionalized person I want to be a part of something that educates and uplifts – not degrades. The criminal conduct that brought us here, and the unjust conditions that exist behind bars, must be combatted by the renewing of our minds. This battle against injustice must involve cognitive fluidity, and blessed assurance. Ignorance, is the condition of being uneducated, unaware, and uninformed. However, stupid is the refusal to indoctrinate one’s self.”