July 14, 2016:

“A prisoner is under a constant state of oppression. Everyone is against him; the cops, the doctors, the psychologists, the counselors (who are cops), most of the free staff, most of the judges, etc. Ask any prisoner who in the system is on their side, and they will say no one. Ask them what voice do they have, they will tell you none. But that is not entirely true. We have the law. From the moment I first helped someone with the most minor 602’s, and I saw the hope come alive in their face, I knew I would be a Jailhouse Lawyer. We have to fight. We have to hold those accountable who hold us captive. We must speak out at every opportunity, and demand every single right….We must remember that practically every single right we have in prison is because some JL filed on it. So next time you get free soap, or help from a law library, or an extra hour on the b-ball court, spare a thought for the unsung hero who made that happen for you, and every other inmate.”

May 14, 2016:

“I’ve been in prison for nearly 22 years, for participating in a race riot in which there were no victims. I was sentenced 25 to life under CA’s Three Strikes Law. They claimed that I swung a piece of a broken broomstick at a crowd one time and ran away. My attorney claimed he wasn’t aware of the states only evidence which was a video (which to this day I have never seen). I knew very little about the law back then, but ever since I’ve strived to learn as much as possible in order to be able to protect my rights as well as my friends. Although I may never be in a position to undo the wrongs done to me in the past, I now am in a position to protect my rights going forward.”

April 3, 2016:

“As I write this letter I am sitting in Ad Seg because of a race riot that took place on my yard that involved one inmate being badly beaten. Seven black inmates were place in the hole because of this one inmate and I was one of them. All through these reports say I am the main person beating this one inmate when this was not the truth and it’s clear that the CO’s are targeting me to keep me from going back to the yard. The reason is because I came to the yard in 2014 and saw the unjust yard program and laundry program and changed both for the better for the inmate population. This unjust program was like this for years here and I came and changed it within months and made these COs mad at me for doing so, more so because I do and push legal work. I am at peace with knowing that I will be transferred out of this prison because of these lies in the reports but this is what inmates go through when they push for what is right. I have been fighting for a very long time now and been through hell in here and still feel very passionate about what I do and believe that this is my divine destiny to fight for human rights.”

December 20, 2015:

“I am an advocate for prisoners rights and I believe that rehabilitation begins with reconnecting prisoners to our families and the rest society to help restore our humanity. Although the DOC claim it is their policy to promote health relationships between family, there policies often paint a different picture. So I often challenge these policies.”