March 1, 2017:

“I’ve been helping a paraplegic in a lawsuit for nearly 3 years now. When he came to this unit, they were not up to code to house a paraplegic in a wheelchair. So grievances were filed under the ADA. After it was filed, he injured himself trying to take a shower. He fell out of a regular plastic chair. Now, the unit has added accommodations for wheelchairs and installed chair seats in the shower for them, but a little too late in his case. We’ve forced them to remodel the recreation yard’s restroom facility so that inmates with wheelchairs can use it. I’m still working on the water issue. They have a spigot in the corner of the building that a wheelchair can’t reach, and it’s the only water available but he can’t access it because of the mud buildup from the access of water in the area. I’m trying to get them to install a concrete slab and move the water spigot where he can get access to it. I am expecting good things from this case that will help other inmates in the future while here.”