If you are a National Lawyers Guild Member, here is what you can do to get involved in adding to our jailhouse lawyer membership component:

  1. Submit a piece to Guild Notes (the NLG’s tri-annual, primary form of communication with jailhouse lawyer members) that would be of interest to those behind bars, as this publication gets read by hundreds of incarcerated individuals. Our goal is to have more articles written by outside members that might be of interest to those on the inside. Here are some suggestions from incarcerated members about what they’d like to see:
  • self-help/how-to litigation
  • health care in prison
  • parole hearings and appeals
  • obstacles in filing grievances
  • legal updates
  • disabilities
  • prison pay
  • sample habeas applications that have won relief
  • various tips on arguing habeas corpus
  • IAC and prosecutorial misconduct
  • lawyer’s not holding to the ethics that they were sworn into to defend their clients
  • people trying help fix the broken grievance process and hold prisons accountable
  • interfering with access to the court
  • successful lawsuits against the grievance examiner
  • successful suits against inadequate law library
  • prisoners’ rights to education and re-entry programs in prison
  • successful strategies on how to win summary judgement

2. Join the Mass Incarceration Committee and volunteer to respond to legal-oriented inquiries from incarcerated members. Contact to learn more.

3. The Prisoners Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) is administered by the National Lawyers Guild’s Delaware-New Jersey Chapter. You can help them in efforts to submit notices of legal claim for jailhouse lawyers who are being retaliated against by prison authorities. Here is the Legal Observer Affidavit form they use for prisoners. Contact to learn more.

4. Donate $3 or more to send out Jailhouse Lawyer Handbooks

NLG Member or not, please let us know if you have other ideas or suggestions for building connections with those inside. Contact